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The best casino bonuses are definitely for everyone: The best online casinos  offer hundreds of euros to their new customers as so-called welcome or first deposit bonuses. Nowadays, it is difficult to even find a casino that does not offer some interesting bonus options. The competition in the industry is so fierce that only the best casino bonuses will attract enough visitors.

So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best online casino bonuses offered by casinos on a single page. You’re welcome!

If bonuses are still a bit of a weird concept, then that’s no wonder. Casinos offer a variety of bonuses, and new casinos in particular need to be inventive. On the next page, we will discuss a little bit about casino bonuses, what they are, how they work and what terms they include. After reading them, you’ll find that casino bonus terms don’t have to be scared and you can play with ease.

You can find bonus codes for online casinos at . Bonus codes have become rare – nowadays, bonuses are mainly obtained by registering directly with the casino, but the bonus codes that you enter when signing up are sometimes seen at casinos.

Best Casino Bonuses 2018

The best casino bonuses at online casinos 2018 are delightfully diverse and have something for everyone; whether you like free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback or free play money, the best online casino bonuses include almost everything.

The list is updated every month to make sure we can provide you with the hottest benefits on the web. We always find the best online casino bonus so keep an eye on it and you will not miss out on the best benefits!

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are the benefits that a customer gets when joining a casino player. Online casino bonuses can either be completely free, which is rarer, but they are mainly granted for deposits. So when you deposit at a casino, you get something extra; This can be bonus money, free spins, or other benefits.

Casino bonuses are best received as a new customer in a so-called. welcome gift. However, many casinos also offer various bonuses to their existing customers to keep them loyal players. The main reason why casinos distribute bonuses is raw competition. Casinos have noticed that players are redirecting to gaming sites that offer more ”bonus gifts” for deposits. This is how casinos pound each other, each trying to be the best – and players to enjoy.

All in all, bonuses can, at best, multiply your original deposit and thus bet more and / or more. Larger bets can also be used to win bigger pots, so it is definitely worth exploring and taking advantage of the bonuses where possible.

How do casino bonuses work?

The basic deposit bonus will normally double or triple your deposit value up to a predetermined maximum value. So if the casino announces that it will give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $ 500, that means you can deposit $ 500 or more and get a $ 500 bonus from your casino on top of your deposit. You will then have at least € 1,000 in play money in your account.

However, the deposit need not be as large as the stated maximum bonus amount. It is usually sufficient to deposit a minimum amount, which is usually 10-25 euros. So if you deposit $ 25 in this case, the casino would give you another $ 25 bonus and you would have a total of $ 50 in play money.

Casinobonus money can be used like real money at a casino, meaning you can use it to play games and wager. If you get free spins, just open the game defined by the casino and activate the free spins for play. In this case, the account will not be charged, but you will play a certain number of rounds and you will receive bonus money in the account. Easy!

Bonuses can also be received in the form of betting bonuses , bingo bonuses or poker bonuses .

Casino Bonus Policy

Bonus money often has different conditions, such as how to redeem a bonus, what games to play while you are active, and when to withdraw the bonus money from your account. Here are some of the most common bonus practices at casinos and what a casino bonus really means.

deposit Terms

If a deposit is required to redeem the bonus, it simply means that you will not get the bonus to your account until you have deposited a certain amount of money into the account. The minimum amount is usually mentioned in the bonus terms and can be, for example, € 10-30. If you deposit less than the required minimum amount, the bonus will not be credited to your account.

recycling Requirements

Although bonus money behaves like real money when you are at the casino, it is not immediately possible to withdraw it from your account, but first you have to recycle it in casino games. The amount of betting depends on the casino, but it is usually between 15-50. So if the casino says that the bonus money has to be wagered 25 times in casino games and you have received a € 10 bonus, then that money will have to be wagered at the casino for $ 250.

Once the recycling requirement has been completed, the bonus money will be unlocked and can be withdrawn.

Other terms and conditions

It is always a good idea to read the casino bonus terms, at least on the cover, to avoid any surprises. The bonus money may have been linked to eg. terms that prohibit the use of stakes greater than $ 5-10 or the full play of certain games.

Many casinos also refuse to give bonuses to those who make deposits via Skrill or Neteller, as players who have used these routes have previously misused bonuses by redeeming them again and again.

The best casino bonuses are …

The best casino bonuses are diverse and versatile, so just research and compare to find the type of bonus that suits you best. New casinos are worth keeping an eye on as they often offer better and bigger welcome bonuses and sometimes with no deposit whatsoever.

All in all, the best casino bonuses are the ones that give your deposits a decent boost with little wagering requirement. Some also find that the best casino bonuses are such that they are distributed to the first few deposits instead of one big lump sum. It’s safe to say, though, that the best bonuses are the ones that help you maximize your account and play the casino games you want .

No casino bonus is rarely available for free or completely without conditions, so we always recommend that you review the casino-specific terms and conditions. However, some very few casinos also offer a free first deposit bonus, for example here you can get $ 10 in free play money! This allows you to play at the casino safely and knowing what the casino bonus requires and how you can make the most of it.


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